Sofa Beds Hardware

If you've ever had to sleep guests on the floor – or had to vacate your own bed in order that your guests can get a good night's rest – the benefits of sofa beds won't be lost on you. Sofa cum Beds are extremely convenient and equally comfortable.

Couch or Sofa com Beds as they are more commonly known are an ideal way to save space. Kudos to the efficient and modern sofa bed hardware mechanism inside our range of sofa with beds, it takes only a few minutes for you to attach it with your sofa.

Our sofa bed hardware design is made for ease and comfort.

Sofa Beds Hardware Features:

  • Tubulated and fabricated angle construction - provides Maximum strength and holds mattress within the desired Sleep cavity.
  • Headlock™ locking TV headrest system - prevents bed from being closed and damaged with raised headrest.
  • Synchronized pivotal action hinge - (newly designed)allows for smoother operation and eliminates sliding parts which could damage bedding.Also allows for maximum clearance of upholstered arms while opening and closing sleeper.
  • Nylon washers in critical rivet joints - reduce wear and ensure easy operation.
  • Sofa bed hardware smoothed exposed edges - prevent upholstery damage or consumer injury.
  • One-piece front leg system - ensures a consistent seat pitch from side to side.
  • Positive locking leg tube - allows the unit to be opened easily from either side of the mechanism.
  • Contoured "saddle seat" in seat section - provides added consumer comfort.
  • Sleeper cavity - accomodates either innerspring or foam mattress.
  • Tilt-forward feature - allows for easy cleaning under the sofa.
  • Charcoal (black) color - coordinates with most styles and colors of upholstered fabrics and provides a shadowing effect between cushions.
  • Available in varying widths 44",60" & 68".
  • Available in standard lengths 75".
  • Available in standard cavity 5" mattress.
  • Available with torsion suspended wire supports in seat.