Operable Partitions comprise of panels which are moved one at a time and interlock to form a partition wall, with a sound seal extending top and bottom.

This arrangement allows you to set up even the largest of installations with the minimum of effort.

Operable Partitions also offer the possibility to park panels in positions away from the actual opening. In location the panels offer all the properties and appearance of a permanent partition wall.

Adding space flexibility and sound reduction effects to office and retail spaces alike, MALROX offers a first class product with first class service.

MALROX Operable Partitions are applied in Star hotels, Meeting Rooms, Ball-rooms, Multi-function halls, Convention Centers, Schools, Colleges, Training rooms, Residences, Banquet halls & other facilities. MALROX quality, reliability, service & competitive prices have won excellent reputation in the market and from architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers all over India.

We provide best and comfortable arrangement of acoustic sliding panels suspended from ceiling track to sub-divide wide open areas which is flexible for functions like weddings, conferencing, meetings simultaneously in single big hall.

All types of partitions are acoustically treated and aesthetically very elegant for interior.
We are committed to make your space comfortable and offer a comprehensive range of sliding folding partition systems to exactly fit your requirement.

During the initial consultation we determine various issues like, Level of sound reduction (acoustic performance), and also what finishes are available. Operable Partitions can be applied in hotels, Multi-functions halls, Meeting Room, Convention Center, Residential area, College and School, Banquet hall, Training rooms etc. We provide quality and reliable services at very cost effective prices all over India.

The partitions shall be top-supported, manually operated panels stacked in an area nominated in the plans. When closed, the operable wall shall provide a complete sound retardant barrier. No floor track shall be used. The tracks are made from extruded anodized aluminum. The track housing shall utilize grooves and interlocking steel pins for better alignment of adjacent track section, and shall be reinforced overhead by drop rod brackets.

The vertical channels for each panel incorporate vinyl seal(polymer) inserts that facilitate an acoustic seal when the panels are set out as a wall. We provide Panels in Two categories or thickness, 75mm, 105mm (from 40dB–55dB).

The effective division of space sometimes requires utmost flexibility. Whether the requirement is to divide a teaching area, temporarily partition a conference suite, or simply create extra rooms out of one large space, the answer is – Operable Partitions.

Operable Partitions, operable walls, sliding folding partitions - this group of products is synonymous with one name; MALROX.

MALROX is India's manufacturer of Operable Partitions systems, we provide unrivalled experience in the design and manufacture of space utilisation products.

Whether your essential requirement is sound attenuation, ease of operation, or aesthetics, there is a solution at MALROX Operable Partitions product range.