frequently asked questions

1. When stored away, does operable walls take up any floor space?
When not in use, rests in its folded position, in the ceiling, requiring absolutely no floor space. In fact, in many installations, it is not even possible to tell if and where the walls are located, until they are operated.

2. What type of structural support is required for operable walls?
operable walls takes less structural steel than conventional operable walls since it is a static load.walls' loading on the structural steel is always evenly distributed across its width.walls' entire weight is never concentrated as a single point load on the structure.operable walls weighs approximately 6.0 - 9.4 lbs/ft² (29.4 - 46 kg/m²), significantly less than conventional operable walls.

3. How much ceiling room is required to store operable walls?
operable walls is remarkably compact. In many instances, depending on the height of the wall, a folding ratio from 1:5 to 1:10 is achieved. This remarkable feature allows operable walls to be stored in most existing ceiling spaces.

4. How is access achieved between rooms divided by operable walls?
through pass doors, incorporated within the panel.

5. How do operable walls operate?
mechanical /manual operable by turning the operable handle in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

6. How long is the Operable Partitions warranty for?
One year warranty

1. Do you sell your Wallbeds in Do-It-Yourself kits?
Yes. We provide only the hardware.

2. What materials are available in the Wallbeds?
M. S. Metal Framework

3. Which Wallbed is your most popular model?
Double Bed.

4. Do you have Wallbed dealers?

5. Are your Wallbeds difficult to assemble?

6. Where can you ship your Wallbeds?
Any where.

7. What is the cost of shipping your Wallbeds?
It depends on the location.

8. How heavy are your Wallbeds?
The weight of the hardware will be approx.35 -40kg (Double bed) & 15-20kg (Single bed).

9. How do I order your Wallbed?
You can place an order through Email, request on site, or can call on phone.

10. Do you carry your Wallbeds in stock?

11. How long is the Wall Beds warranty for?
One year warranty

1. How can I be sure your sofa beds will fit through my doors?
The sizes are 44", 60'" & 68" (Width) & 75" (Lengths). Which can easily through.

2. Where is the mattress stored?
Inside the sofa.

3. Can you send me fabric samples?
We provide only the hardware.

4. How long is the Wall Beds warranty for?
No warranty

5. How long is it from order to delivery?
2 -3 days after payment.

6. Where can I see your sofa beds?
Address mention on contact page and Online

7. Are your sofa beds comfortable?
1. How easily do they slide?
Easy enough for everyone — even a young child — to open and close them with one finger. Thanks to our exclusive roller system you will enjoy easy and nearly-silent operation for many, many years.

2. Can they accidentally come out of their tracks?
No. Our exclusive locking system assures that our doors will not leave their tracks. And that spells peace of mind.

3. Can your doors be locked with a key?

4. Is the framework aluminum or wood?
Our frames are made from our own, proprietary formula aluminum, which is light yet super strong and durable.
Our aluminum is also more environmentally friendly than wood.

5. What frame finishes are available?
You can choose from our Different Options

6. Can we take the doors with us if we move to a new office?
You sure can.

7. How soundproof are the panels?
Our solutions are intended to offer privacy and not aimed to provide soundproofing, although they do conceal the sound a bit.