Semi Automatic Partitions

The culmination of cost-efficient convenience

Semi-Automatic for the highest application demands.
With their exceptional sound-proofing properties, MALROX partitions completely satisfy all the max all the requirements that arise in applications requiring flexible room division, sophisticated. surface finishes and acoustic efficiency. With the Semi-Automatic, MALROX is able to offer a particularly user-friendly solution that combines operating convenience with excellent cost-efficiency and enables spaces to be adapted as required - quickly and effortlessly. Such systems are regarded nowadays as essential in modern conference facilities.

Operating convenience that pays off.
Eliminating the need for manual mechanism actuation with hand-operated cranks and the like, the Semi-Automatic partition could not be easier to operate. As soon as the connector contacts on the end face make the power feed connections, the user merely has to operate the central control unit and the sealing strips and telescopic elements extend and retract under electronic control. The individual elements are separated by means of an easily actuated toggle lever in the vertical profile, enabling them to be pushed along by hand in an effortless sliding movement.

Optimum sound insulation
Once the partition has closed, all the sealing strips are automatically extended in accordance with the specified contact pressure. This guarantees optimum sound insulation as well as enhancing the stability of the system.

Fast and easy to install.
Installation of these partitions is also effortless: the Semi-Automatic is supplied ready for connection to the power supply circuit (24V/DC). And in the event of a power failure, an emergency operating mechanism is also available so that the sealing strips can be manually actuated.

Variable room layouts for optimum space utilisation.
The Semi-Automatic partition offers all the flexibility and variability of a manual model. It requires no floor guides, so there are no limitations to the layout configurations and parking arrangements that can be implemented. Such partitions can also be equipped with integrated glazed and passdoor elements.

Flexibility on the visual front.
The cover panelling of the system is hung in acoustic-free suspension and can thus be readily replaced in the event that, say, the room needs to be redesigned or one of the cladding surfaces has been damaged. Removal of the basic elements is not necessary.